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A new, better way to describe what you say when you see a nice booty.
He said: Dizazayum girl!
She said: Haha, thanks dawg! You're a fag.
This is when you see a guy named Eigor, and you think he should be awesome like the governator; just like 'Awnuld'!

This person is basically a massive juggernaut. Lots of Fat.

Doesn't need to have the name 'Eigor'.
Person A: Hahaha, check that eigonator out. Your team!

Person B: You bastard! That's disgusting!
Only the best techno beat ever. Done by the famous band that goes by the name of 'The Flaming Gila Monsters of Death'. www.myspace.com/ flaming gila monsters of death (without the spaces, only put them in because there was an error about a word being over 40 characters long). Check it out!
Person A: Have you heard FGMOD's new song called 7 Words? Its effin sick!

Person B: Nah man, I haven't yet. I'm going to go listen to it right now at www.myspace.com/ flaming gila monsters of death !
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