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An overnight fund-raiding event held by the American Cancer Society. Made to raise money towards the cure for cancer. Those that participate donate. Tents are set up throughout a field. Traditions include walking around a track, forming the word "HOPE" using luminaries (can be bought by anyone to devote to a cancer victim they have known), and three ceremonies "Celebrate", "Remember", "Fight Back".

Although a lot of money is usually gathered and it is a touching experience (expect much crying), it is mostly looked forward to by kids due to the hooking up and drugs.

6 PM-10PM: This is the time period where everyone actually has energy. Game of duck, duck, goose held by grown teenagers. Soccer ball passing. Tennis passing. Lacrosse passing. A game of football. A tent with a dvd player playing a horror film.

11PM-3AM: People from where the event is held leave and all that are left are the kids that go to the school the event is being held at. This is the time period where people sneak off and chew their dip and smoke joints. Also the time period for each group to have their own game of truth or dare (beware of many people being dared to put their mouth somewhere on another person)

4AM-12PM: Some guys are fretting that they have not gotten their goal of getting pussy done and therefore confront the first whore they can think of. Open legs. Regret. Passed out kids. Insanely tired people who pulled an all-nighter.
I hooked up with 4 guys at the Relay for Life.
by Keep On the Grass July 22, 2009

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