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Imagine Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, and every other popular band ranging from emo to...emo-esque, and then think of a band exactly the same, but with slightly more flamboyant makeup and costumes, and you have Panic! At the Disco.

Obviously everyone ate these guys up-They sound the same as their old favorite bands (which were all crap, by the way) and their whiny lyrics which attempted to be dirty attracted pubescent teenagers around the country. Their crappy hit song "I write sins not tragedies" has such edgy lyrics (like the use of the word 'whore', haha!) and amazing talent that it stayed on MTV's rock song list and whatever other godawful hit list for weeks and weeks, thus proving that if you can sell yourself like a prostitute you can make it big, even if you're an awful band.
Scene Kid: Panic! at the Disco is great! Have you seen their stylish tophats? They're so cool!

Me: Go watch Citizen Kane if you like tophats so much, at least it won't make you want to cut out your ears.
by Keefe I January 23, 2007
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