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The act of being able to take two penises in one's rectum at one time, with a smile. Named in honor of its esteemed founder, "Bumsoil", of the ever growing homosexual pornography business.
John, new to the business, was eager to start his career in the gay porn business, so he pulled a "bumsoil" in his first ever video and instantly won the respect of his peers.
by Keeep Out January 31, 2009
Code name for the piece of shit, Sony PlayStation (1,2,or 3). Named this due to the fact that the majority of PlayStation 3 games get delayed and sometimes cause other multi-platform games to be delayed due to the difficulty of programing for the 100% unnecessary, Cell Processor.
All Sony fanboys get pissed off when you call it a DelayStation 3.
by Keeep Out March 27, 2008
Root beer flavored energy drink from the makers of BAWLS Guarana energy drinks. It comes in a cool bumpy brown bottle similar to the regular blue Bawls bottle. Can be bought online, at some wal-marts, some 7-11s, and various grocery stores. Perhaps the hardest energy drink to find but the best tasting. 130 calories a bottle. Known to induce orgasms in one's mouth.
Guy 1: Dude you goin to Dave's LAN party this weekend? We got a whole case of red line!
Guy 2: Fuck that, its no LAN without BAWLS! Go get some G33k B33r! And have fun shaking.
Guy 1: Well, we might all have gay sex while we play Dave's new delaystaion 3.
Guy 2: I knew you were a fag!
by Keeep Out September 07, 2008

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