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61 definitions by Kc

A person who had mad sex in either their mouth, vagina, or rectum to the point that it hangs. Thus making them Blew out, see Blew Back
That Ho is blew out.
by Kc February 17, 2005
One who is not physically blonde, but may be associated with some of the characterists of blondes', possitive or negative. Also, may be one who wishes they were blonde, but this mostly is used with the above definition.
"God, I wish I was blonde. Id look alot better, owell guess im still blonde at heart"

"I have my kinda ditsy moments, guess im blonde at heart."
by KC August 09, 2004
D-D-D-Damn,he just got fucked up!
by KC November 02, 2003
Basically, telling your computer to do stuff using a programming language. As long as the computer understands the code, it will execute the command blindly.

I tried reprogramming Windows and my computer crashed.
I programmed my computer to overclock itself.
I programmed my computer to create and save files on my hard drive. For some reason, it stopped working...
by KC June 20, 2006
A student who attends a Governor's school. The common govies is considered separate among the common classification of a student mainly because of their use of knowledge, academic skills, and their ability to locate each other in a crowd of people. Govies tend to have the potential to change the future.
We love govies!
Man, I wish I were a govie...
Those govies don't make any sense!
by KC June 16, 2006
Meaning when you chat to someeone and they either pretend to know what your going on about or crack da same jokes MUCH MORE THAN TWICE AND CERTAINLY MORE THAN 3 TIMES!or when they dont get the joke at all and you have to explain bare times to the extend of when it just aint funny or when they say da most random shit you have ever heard in your life! you gotta make the sign of the cross across there head and shoulders and say, man its one of dem ones, like ya kinda feel sorry for em. this ones especially for my friend Heidalo if your out there watching this look at me and say its one of dem ones peace and love (yea thats one of hers to and go and suck u mudda dry-but thats anuva story!
kc:why did the chicken cross the road?
kc:why did the chicken cross the road?
highd:r u taliking to me?
kc:yes why did it cross the road?
highd:explain that again plz?
by kc January 17, 2005
some one who is a piece of shit
your a fuckng cock bastard
by Kc August 27, 2003