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A sub-genre of video games in the side scrolling shooter genre, where the screen is usually COVERED in bullets.

These games usually consist of your player character at the bottom of the screen, dodging waves of bullets and shooting at enemies, until you reach the end of the stage where you are greeted by a difficult boss with even more dangerous bullet patterns.

These games are strangely fun in a masochistic kind of way.

Not to be confused with Bulletstorm.
Touhou is an example of a bullet hell game.
by Kaymac March 28, 2011
A mocking name for Ninja Gaiden, or just an alternate way of pronouncing the name, used by people who are either very bad at Ninja Gaiden or don't know how to pronounce Japanese words.
"I hate Ninja Gayden! It's such a waste of time."

"That's what you say about all games that you're bad at. You said the same thing about Touhou!"
by Kaymac August 24, 2010
A giant spiky robot with a massive saw-blade on his hand, capable of transforming into a Saleen Mustang police car. Contained within his chest is a smaller robot named Frenzy, who is used to hack into things. Both robots are members of the evil faction of robots from the planet Cybertron called the Decepticons.
I wish Barricade was in Transformers 2.
by Kaymac March 28, 2011
A hilarious set of videos on YouTube showcasing only the worst and most inappropriate Transformers toys, hosted by TJ Omega.
This has been The Plastic Addict. I stay addicted so you can stay away.
by Kaymac August 11, 2010
A warning given when you recommend an extremely difficult video game to someone.
Try Demon's Souls, it's really friggin' hard... you will cry.
by Kaymac March 28, 2011
BlueBalz is a joking name for the 2D fighting game "BlazBlue".
I was playing BlueBalz with my friend and he always chooses Hakumen!
by Kaymac August 09, 2010
CHUG is an acronym that refers to four different Transformers toylines with similar aesthetics, Classics, Henkei, Universe, and Generations. Many consider these to be all part of the same, but much larger line, with name changes to appeal to retailers.
Some people really like the CHUG line of toys, since it updates old characters with cool new designs.
by Kaymac August 24, 2010

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