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64 definitions by Kay

the most annoying phrase if your name is kay and the person using it thinks they are the first person to use it and think they are hell witty.

person: you want to go out tonight?

kay: yeah ok

person: ok

person: okay kay.

person: hahahahaaaaaaa

by Kay June 18, 2006
Will people please stop putting in definitions of otheralternative groups!?
A grunge would be one who, suprisingly, listens to "grunge." And not just Nirvana and Nickleback as someone asle pointed out but a whole range both new and old.
I kinow only a few "grungers" and these are the only TRUELY 'unique' alternative group. They have no sense of fashion what-so-ever and really could not give a shit! They don't just pretend it oh-no they truelly could not give a toss!
I doubt very much "grungers" listen to Metallica! and although Punk can be closely linked to Grunge (attitude wise) NoFx is possibly not a "grungers" faviourite band
Person 1: "Hey is that a tramp!?"
Person 2: "Nope it's just Daz, pretty cool huh?"
Person 3: "Yeah"
by Kay October 27, 2003
Wen sum 1's chattin a laod of shit that u dnt really give 2 fucks about u jus say bothered or does this face look bothered then simply walk of, alternatively you could say wotever minger
Random person: U'll never guess what happened last weekend blah blah blah
Me: Does this face look bothered
R.P: yes
Me: Wotever minger
by kay December 08, 2004
The one who rules all; the Tinkleburg.

A verb.
I tinkleburg, you tinkleburg, he/she tinkleburgs.
by Kay December 26, 2003
Both MC and Chelsea are wrong. Kathleen Hanna inspired the name of Nirvana's hit song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by writing "Kurt smells like teen spirit" on one of Kurt Cobain's walls. He thought it meant "the spirit of teens" and didn't know it was a deodorant.
"Here we are now, entertain us"
by Kay January 09, 2005
A UK newspaper which tries to pretend it isn't a tabloid for some unknown reason. They call themselves "A family paper with strong female readership, it has won many awards for editorial flair, outstanding reporting, design and print quality." I prefer to call it a racist, sexist, slanderous, homophobic, unprofessional, sensationalist Hitler fanzine. They are "morally outraged" by just about everything. Calls itself the only newpaper that stands up for what it believes in (aka. talks bullshit).
The only reason I'm ever buy the Daily Mail is to start a fire.
by Kay May 16, 2004
A stupid show on MTV where all these whining wussies have to complete missions or vote someone off that takes place in a certain country, like the '03 version Fiji. It's highly overrated.
That faggot Abe got kicked off of the show Road Rules because he started what was actually interesting-a fight.
by Kay July 14, 2003