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salad fingers is a silly man who is just trying to make it in this world of nettles and rusty spoons.
"i want to marry all you gorgeous taps"
"the feeling of rust agains my salad fingers is almost orgasmic"
by katy luke March 31, 2005
1.Sweet and pretty
2.Mad Chill(GG)
3.Wears Glasses
1.Check out that gab walking down the hall with those spectacles.
by Katy Luke February 11, 2005
1. Music God
2. Rad
3. Loafer Man
1. You play the guitar like a Frankie G
2. You wear those loafers like a frankie G
by Katy Luke February 11, 2005
1. Vulgar description of a Mullet (10-90, Kentucky Waterfall, Business in the front-Party in the Back)
2.Can be indeering at times, depends on context of sentence
1. How Mulletious is Tolly looking today?
2. Wow, you are so mulletious it makes me hot.
by Katy Luke February 11, 2005
1. Term for man wearing sandals (mandals)
2. Derogatory term for a man wearing sandals
3. To jizz wearing mandals
1. Mandalicious!
2. That man just mandalicioused all over Sally's face.
3. Are those thongs or mandalicious shoes?
by Katy Luke February 11, 2005

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