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1 definition by Katie Chen

A huge warehouse with cheaplooking stuff for your house. ALL and I mean ALL the employees who work at Ikea hate their jobs and the huge, alone, boring atmosphere. They're usually VERY rude and think all the customers are stupid losers. How ironic it is that the stuck up ones who think so, are middle aged and havn't majored in anything useful in college, and are stuck working in retail, let alone Ikea. Try it yourself, ask for help from as many Ikea employees and see how they react to you.
One of the white, old lesbian looking chicks was racsist against me and my father when we were one of the hundreds of people who could work the self-checkout crap.

I wrote letters to Ikea headquarters saying how horrible the customer service is and how mean the employees are, but they never responded.
by Katie Chen December 09, 2006
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