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4 definitions by Kathy Dougherty

Breasts which are so naturally large that the cleavage spills out of the shirt to display its beauty (i.e.-Lindsay Lohan or Samantha McAfee)
Yo, her breasticles are bangin', now that's the kind of natural beauty I'm talking about.
by Kathy Dougherty May 16, 2004
52 48
Originally created by some Emerson College students, and used as the sister phrase to "fag hag", as well as identifying lesbian identified men (a la Showtime's "The L Word") but has evolved into a slang term meaning any lesbian.
Why're you goin' with her to that trucker show? You're such a fuckin' bo ho, yo.
by Kathy Dougherty May 16, 2004
23 23
Due to an Emerson College teacher's repeated use of it, as well as its unfortunate similarity to this word, Kant has come to mean "cunt". May only be used in extreme anger, and may NEVER be used to describe a person ("Julie is such a Kant").
Fist my Kant.
by Kathy Dougherty May 16, 2004
31 39
A word used to describe someone who normally has very small breasts, but is able to create cleavage using a foreign object (i.e.-Julia Roberts in "Erin Brockovich").
Dude, her chesticles were quite a surprise, I must say.
by Kathy Dougherty May 16, 2004
8 25