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2 definitions by Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The most fucking amazing Irish band from Cork. Come on who else could sing about losing their jumper and make it sound good?
Also known as sultans of ping F.C

Dancin at the diso bumper to bumper wait a minute Wheres me jumper?
by Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! October 01, 2005
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If i say to you that you're tikeling my rings it means that your pissin me off! the first time i heard is when i was talking to two fellas and there was a lot of migits around when he said it i thought he ment it lituralry
stoner 1: are those migits anoying you
Stoner 2: No, why?
Stoner 1: Cos there fuckin tickeling my rings
by Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! October 01, 2005
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