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4 definitions by Karl Bagci

- The year I was born.
- Microsoft Word was first released.
- Mafia hitman Roy DeMeo is found dead in a trunk of his own car.
- US President Ronald Reagan proclaims 1983, "The Year of the Bible".
- London police begin the use of wheel clamps on illegally-parked vehicles.
- Jon B. Minnoch, heaviest man in USA, dies at the age of 42 years and weighing 362 kg. When he was admitted to hospital in March 1978, his weight was 635 kg.
"Dude, 1983 was a good day for EARTH!"
by Karl Bagci October 16, 2005
56 29
Pulling a Lee is to go out to dinner, then to order two of each course.
"You see that guy? He's pulling a Lee, what a greedy bastard!"
by Karl Bagci November 08, 2006
6 2
It's simply an 31337 version of the word, t00l. Used to describe someone as a newb.
What a 7001.
You 7001, you g0t pwned.
by Karl Bagci October 11, 2004
3 3
It's used in an insulting fashion, instead of saying someone is gay, you say they are "gay0rz".
OMG you are teh gay0rz!!!
by Karl Bagci December 01, 2004
8 13