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Unsoiled women who wander into your room as a result of your roommate's lack of space and his amazing pimposity.
"Get some girls in your room, so we can have some fresh spillover in ours."
by Karjoe Goldzik October 03, 2005
An extremely vile drink that consists of yellow-colored sugar water and attempts to pass off as lemonade.
"Man, this lemonade tastes like it has no lemons in it. They should have called it sugarade."
by Karjoe Goldzik October 21, 2005
A hybridization of "towed" and "owned." Used in reference to a situation where your car gets towed away and you get slapped with a huge fine at the most inopportune time.
"Man, Eugene got totally towned by Smitty's Towing Services this morning."
by Karjoe Goldzik October 08, 2005
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