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New gang fromed at American electronics retailer Best Buy. They dress scrawny FBI agents and drive VW beetles with the GS logo on the side. If you work at Circuit City these thugs will vandalize the store and you.
Customer: Oh my god are you okay?!
Circuit City Employye: Hell no bitch! I just got jacked by these Geek Squad guys. They raped my ass!
by Karate Jesus October 26, 2004
An ejaculatory phenomenon that is far worse, and far more annoying than "precum". Postcum is the same as precum but often contains a little truecum aswell.
I knew Tana was going to be at work today so I jacked off then when I was done, changed pants. Too bad I forgot about postcum. On the way their some remnants leaked out of me penis and stained my freshly ironed khakis.
by Karate Jesus November 12, 2004
What this Mexican said to me when he wandered on to my property last night
A Mexican guy came into my yard and wanted to use my phone. The only words he knew in English were "No police" and "E.T. phone home" He was probably an illegal immigrant. True Story.
by Karate Jesus October 26, 2004
Nostalgia. Pure andsimple
Nostalgic nightmare. I nevr ends with the nickels in da machine Elvis
by Karate Jesus October 26, 2004
After you have sex with an albino girl, she smiles and you wipe your cum on her teeth so they gleam in the sun light.
Someone please post a pic of an A&W cream soda can if you can't actually perform one. Albino girls are rare treasures. The porn for them is practically nonexistant. Even more so than midget.
by Karate Jesus December 07, 2004
A little known Christian band that make sfun of Jimmy Eat World. Someone will probably delete this thinking it's a fake group then shit themselves the next day when they here J.E.W. on XM Radio.
I never thought I would see the day. It's as big of a surprise as the Beastie Boys were.
by Karate Jesus October 26, 2004
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