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Porky pies rhymes with lies - Cockney rhyming slang.
You tellin' me porky pies?
You tellin' me porkies?
by Karan "Pin" Saroj December 09, 2004
rhymes with trouble - Cockney rhyming slang.
Stop muckin' about or theres gonna be barney.

He got into some barney last night.
by Karan "Pin" Saroj December 09, 2004
Status Quo, an unchanging circumstance, lack of progress.
How was work?
you know... same soup, just reheated.
by Karan "Pin" Saroj December 08, 2004
An Indian form of dancing, Bhangra, where one's hands are cupped and raised in the air as if they are holding something, and then twisted at the wrist as if unscrewing something.
Usually performed at weddings.
He was well crunkedat the wedding last night and couldn't stop changing light bulbs.
by Karan "Pin" Saroj December 08, 2004

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