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Pasty white people who live in the middle of the country who have convinced themselves that they are black.
These are common in the more rural areas of western NY and are a specimen worth the time it takes to make fun of them.
In most cases these racially challenged people have never been to a real ghetto, but claim to be from one. Often they will say things like "straight outta compton."
If you know one of these people call attention to their problem and adress them as "vanilla ice".
There are several racially challenged people at Alfred almond Central School which is in the middle of nowhere.
you may find a picture of one at www.aacs.wnyric.org
by Kameron the Best March 05, 2004
Strong Bad's little yellow buddy who enjoys making short cartoons on his iMac and resting in the crisper drawer.
The Cheat is the best player on the CGNU beat stuff up team.
by Kameron the best June 20, 2003
the most hurtful vulgar and sarcastic word ever
You are a shclapola
Shclapola to you
Suck my shclapola
by Kameron the best October 06, 2003
an interjection expressing impact or amazement.
Pow, and the cow hit the tow...er.
by Kameron the best June 20, 2003
1) AKA Gollum who kills his brother Deagol for the Ring of Power in the river where Isildur fell.
Smeagol is gollum
by Kameron the best June 20, 2003

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