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what a teenage girls call a guy, because he dosn't listen to "cool" music like, rock or rap.
or because he dosn't wear defects on his body like nose ring, tongue rings.. etc. therefor. he must be weird..
girl-1: hey look at that guy over there.. hes listenin to mozart and he wearing express fashion..

girl-2: hes so weird WEIRD weiird weeirrrrrrd.

girl-1: like chaaa i know rite?
by Kaetzchen der liebe October 16, 2008
Jellybean, or (jb) for short. is the new, best, cool, most l337 way to say "Masturbate"

Hey yulia it has been 20 minutes now on msn since you last responded.. OH WTF! i bet your jbing with your ruler again arnt you?

by Kaetzchen der liebe April 27, 2008
when a bunch of slutty slut girls gather around outside texting, talking, and saying how much everyone else is a loser.
dude1: dude2 what are all of them chicks doing outside, i hear them babbling on about the dumbest things out there..

dude2: oh, Ashley decided to have a whoreout today.
by Kaetzchen der liebe July 29, 2008

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