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An orgy involving one woman, generally middle aged, and at least five guys. The men first abstain from masturbating or having intercourse for at least three days, in order to increase the potency and quantity of their ejaculation. The orgy begins when the men stand in a circle around the woman, who is kneeling on the ground. They proceed to circle jerk, ejaculating simultaneously on her head (so that she is covered in the "snow"). They then proceed to gang-bang the woman - pausing first to tweak on some crystal meth. Originated in Ft. MacMurray Alberta, where due to the oil sands there is a largely transient population of male workers (a.k.a rig-pigs), and relatively few females.
Rig-pig 1: How's it goin' eh? Did you bone that chick from the bar last night?

Rig -pig 2: Naw man, I had to share with my buddies. Showed her an Alberta Snowstorm.
by Kabouter Weasley March 21, 2012
1. Fecal Matter, the contents of one's colon or rectum.

2. Foolish, deceitful, or boastful language, worthless, deceptive, or insincere. Pretentious, insolent talk or behavior. i.e. bullshit. Or one who engages in such behaviors i.e. a poser.

Often used in certain fixed constructions e.g.
To pull a Van Dusen, to drop a Van Dusen.
1. I'll be there shortly, gotta go drop a van dusen first.

2. Did you hear that guy who wouldn't shut up about St. Augustine? Jeez, what a Van Dusen.
by Kabouter Weasley March 01, 2013

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