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a scene kid is someone who thinks they are the best.
they usually have a couple of thousand friends on myspace.
and know everyone who is in the "scene" in their hometown.
"the scene"
is usually based in the home city, and some of the ranks are "new scene" "old scene" and other names of that nature.
people who are "new scene"
have only recently started coming to town, and will usually be treated like they are no-one.
because in the scene,
the ones who have been there the longest will always rule.
scene kids usually go to gigs everyweekend, and drink goon quite a bit.
they will wag school just to come to town everyday.
and not care about anything other than how many friends and "scene points" they have.
they wear tight jeans, and tight band shirts.
jackets with fur on the edge of the hood, or band hoodies.
eyeliner is suitable for both girls and boys.
they will either have sholder length hair spiked up at the back, or the girls will have hair extensions at the bottom of their hair.
Hair colour is usually black, brown or blonde.
straightening their hair is a must.
there is not just one type of "scene kid"
there are many
here are a few:

The vegetarian scene kid:
is vegetarian and gets drunk everyweekend.
they dont care much for anything other than scene points and goon.

The straightedge hardcore:
doesnt drink, smoke or do drugs.
has a shaven head, and spends all his centrelink money on gigs.
thinks they are not scene because they dont hang with the normal scene kids, but they are as bad, if not worse than the normal scene kids.
they love breakdowns and hardcore!
most of them are normal scene kids turned hardcore.
they are pathetic!

The glamourous girl scene kid:
she wont look like a normal scene kid,
she has blonde hair with hair extensions,
expensive make up,
metro clothes,
but she hangs with all the scene boys.
loves skinny guys with fringes.

there are many more types of scene kids
but i cbf writing about them!
scene kids spend most of their time either in town or on myspace, they photoshop their pictures and have stupid septum piercings, lip piercings, monroe piercings ect.
example of a scene girl
they will always have fake stupid last names,
usually to do with death.
kiki kannibal
most scene kids love audrey kitching and zui (trashy life)
and think that trashy things are cool.
they also love jeffree star (ew)
who is some ugly transvestite thing
scene kids, kiki kannibal, jeffree star, audrey kitching, oliver sykes. ect
by KaDy_xxx August 30, 2007

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