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A bonehead move in a baseball or softball game that resembles something that would be done by the New York Mets.
Jay got picked off second base on a weak line drive to the shortstop. That was Met-esque.
by KPL June 26, 2008
A reference to the recently remade movies about radioactive mutants.

It is used as a comment to describe one ugly person or several gross backwards people in a neighborhood or town.
Wow, look at those mingers. What is it, The Hills Have Eyes 3 over there?
by KPL September 02, 2008
A dude who only looks out for himself. Can have to do with women, drinks, or basically anything. This person has no interest in doing favors or going out of their way for their friends.
The women always talk to Matt at the bar. God forbid he helps out one of his single buddies. What an I-Guy.
by KPL August 01, 2008
To intentionally or unintentionally consume too many sleep aids and or alcohol and take a nap that a person will never wake up from.
Keith better be careful taking all those Ambiens. He may end up falling into a Heath Ledger Nap.
by KPL July 10, 2008
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