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Acronym for Children of Deaf Adults

CODA is used to characterize people over the age of eighteen who have deaf parents.
1) You're a CODA!?! Do you know sign language? Can your parents lip-read?
by KODA Lovin January 31, 2008
Video Phone- Like in manner to a phone, but uses cameras to send a motion picture to the other person. Made particularly for deaf people.

Deaf people use VP relay interpreters to talk to "hearies" or hearing people. It's the same idea, but the interpreter speaks to the hearing person and signs back and forth to the deaf person.
1.) Brenna: Hey Abigail! How's IL?
Abigail: It's great how is MD?
Brenna: Same Old Same Old. We should VP some time.
Abigail: I can't. Our VP is in my mom's room and she's asleep right now.
Brenna: Oh well maybe tomorrow
Abigail- Sounds great! See you tomorrow!

2.) Friend1- Hey are you good looking?
VP Relay- I can't answer that question
Friend1- Hey is the interpreter hot?
Friend 2- I'm not telling you.
by KODA Lovin January 31, 2008
Acronym for Kids of Deaf Adults.

Used to characterize children under the age of eighteen who have deaf parents.
1) KODA Love!!!

2) I miss KODA camp

3) You can't call my parents, I'm a KODA
by KODA Lovin January 31, 2008
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