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A nigger is a smelly ole coon wreaking havoc in society. They call others racial slurs as well but when you call them a nigger or even nigga as they call each other well they will stab you or shoot you. The sad thing is that they really are a bunch of niggers who kill rob smoke do drugs rape molest and they smell very bad. That is why 39.4 percent of America' s prison' s are nigger inmates. Unfortunately I will get a lot of thumbs down for this definition but oh well most of them are niggers.
The police told him Stop acting up in school you will end up in Jail when you get old and a 10 foot Nigger name Bubba will be waiting for.

After he called me a stupid cracker, I called him a Nigger and he pulled gun out luckily he is so ignorant he forgot to take the safety off and I ran away. I caught him after school and knocked his nigger ass out and then curbed stomped him
by KKKwillGetYou March 21, 2013
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