2 definitions by KIYA AND MONTY

1.Any sort of cheap liqour used for the sole purpose of getting wasted, this includes but is not limited to Mad Dogg 20/20,malt liquor bought in quantites no smaller than 40 oz.,and vodka in a plastic bottle
2.any sort of liquor that even a homeless person can afford
1.Dude I only have $6 you'll just have to get me some hobo juice
2.I was at the library and there was this dude sitting on the steps drinking hobo juice.
3.We wont be having hobo juice tonite we're trying to keep it classy/
by KIYA AND MONTY March 14, 2005
1.when someone's physical appearance is so bad it offends the viewer
2.when a problem or situation is past the point of fixing
1.Ohhh not that she came out the house looking a hot mess.
2.I'm not even in that hot mess
by KIYA AND MONTY March 14, 2005

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