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Someone who likes to rub up against you accidentally on purpose, especially at work. Someone who likes to rub their private parts up against you then leave.
Dave would welcome the new women temps, then do his famous Bump n run.
by KIMBERLY SHIPLEY April 24, 2008
A sammich made in Tangipahoa Parish in Louisiana. A BBQ sammich that i always end up paying for when my DAUGHTER comes to visit. A sammich that you need 500 napkins to wipe up the mess off your face. A BBQ that you need teefpicks to clean your grill afterwards.
Jennifer ate the HI HO sammich so fast, it was all over her face & stuck up in her grill.
by KIMBERLY SHIPLEY April 25, 2008
Boobs......when you talk ghetto you call them bresstasezz instead of breasts. What some women are born with, then get them enlarged. What most men have. The white meat of a chicken or a turkey.
When i buss up in the Blue sto, i always get me some fried chicken bresstasezz. When i gits me some moneys, I'm gonna buy me some bigger bresstasezz.
by KIMBERLY SHIPLEY April 24, 2008
A word to describe a part that you have no idea what it's called or what you're talking about.
When asked why the palletizer was broke, Tommy, not wanting to sound artistically illiterate, struggled for an answer then blurted out that the Kabobulater was bad.
by KIMBERLY SHIPLEY April 23, 2008

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