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Dartmouth (also reffered to as D-Town) A large town (landwise) but a small town (population wise) in southeastern massachussettes, which by looking at the other deffinitions for it on here seems to get shitted on alot. It is actually a great town, everyone has plenty of freinds, no matter what part you live in theres always something to do with your freinds. its great for longboarding biking skateboarding hiking swimming, any outdoor activity, it is a great location for things to do in other towns/cities. So as long as you have freinds in dartmouth its a great place. unfortunately, the schools suck, there are kids that sweat sports and are stuck up douchebags that dont notice that everyone hates them (football fags) and the cops are assholes. but besides that its a great town and i love it here :)
Kid 1- aye wanna bike down to cumbys and get chillzones then play basketball at burgos?

kid 2- yeah sure, ill longboard, hopefully we dont run into football fags

kid 1- yeah goodpoint but who cares, its dartmouth lets have a good time in D-town :)
by KIDCUDI222222222 June 17, 2011
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