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A person with "special needs" who is also gay.
Tard #1: "Did you hear about Chuck? He came out of the closet!"
Tard #2: (makes random noises) "...and I thought I was the only Flame Retardant!" (burps)
by KC MasterBeast June 30, 2011
When a redneck decides to misuse any kind of flammable component which then leads to self-incinerating
Jethro wanted to impress his hot cousin by juggling containers filled with gasoline, however, he forgot to take his lit cigarette out of his mouth. Jethro then became clumsy with the juggling and a container bursted open and made direct contact to the cigarette causing a huge fire all over his body. He is now listed as a Firecracker. Meanwhile, the redneck cousin was quite impressed.
by KC MasterBeast July 03, 2011
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