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(noun/verb): the incontrollable antics of a college female, usually in attendence at Arizona State Univerity, when induced with large quantities of alcholic beverages.

Noun form: identifyable behavior: extremely generous, loud and confident, suffering from verbal diarrhea and a belief that she can drink anyone under the table.

Verb form: usual signs include: a flushed face, stupid grin, loud voice, a profound love for mankind, and uncontrollable projectiling. The sufferer believes themself to be incredibly deep, intelligent, and insightful but prone to giggle.

Result of a slut slobber: suffering from a near death-like state, often catatonic, and always with a pounding headache. Unbalanced with no sense of humor, needs total silence and another cocktail
Noun Example: That slut slobber at your party last night was a hot mess!

Verb Example: That bitch slut slobbered her way down mill last night!
by KC&JB productions October 22, 2009
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