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30 definitions by KB

a man who goes to chs, very wise, and a great singer... and poem writer
Man, i wish i could sing like amrtin77
by KB February 26, 2004
abbv. Sound provider. Used to describe those who use digital music as source.
Yo, that SP was playing all the hot mashups!
by KB January 05, 2005
Yes or Right!
do you want to drink some beer? HELLO!
by KB April 30, 2003
How I steal my music.
I got that new 50 cent album today off mirc.
by KB February 14, 2005
Hot Chick who attaches her shirt with only 2 button at the top and reveals her sexy flat stomach.
by KB October 30, 2003
a gay man who pitches and sometimes receives.
A giver and a taker.
by KB December 17, 2004
dylan s's nickname forever and it cant be changed
wow dilmo stuck out again
by kb March 03, 2005