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originated in 2004 by Karin. Now she is worshipped as a godess.

1. How fish say OI! 2.Word randomly used to liven up a normally dull and boring sentance. 3. Added to the end of nouns 4. added to words like oi shma bleh or, nark
1. Fish: "Florb Florb Florb," Karin says, "Oi! Oi! Oi!"

2. Karin: "Hello, my FLORB! name is Karin, I would like to buy your dishwasher."


4. Oiflorb
by KARIN ACHHHH July 20, 2004
Anarchy is without government, it contradicts itself and without government WE WOULD ALL BE MURDERED AND RAPED!!

Anarchy can also mean you just dont want to follow government rules er shit, and thats your own problem when you STEP IN FUCKING SHIT!
anarchy is without government but all the people who want no government are a government because they are all working for the same cause DUMB SHITS!!

If there was anarchy there would be no police and very few would follow rules and we would all be raped and murdered
by KARIN ACHHHH July 20, 2004

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