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Game must consist of a group of male and female participants. One person is selected by process of random selection or by turn, must stealthily approach a "victim" and capture the essence of the hair by smell, without being caught or noticed by the victim. The game is scored by total number of hair smellings at the end of the game. Smelling the hair of the SAME participant multiple times is scored double and should be praised among the other hair game participants. This game is best played in a large social environment (with many potential victims) and is especially entertaining when alcohol is involved. The goal is to be as incognito as possible and to not be noticed, for this will label a person as a creeper indefinitely.

WARNING: Boyfriends do not take kindly to girlfriends being the subject of the hair game. If noticed, it may result in a physical altercation, but should not deter participation.
James: Hey Nick, lets play the hair game.

Nick: great idea

James: Big girl in corner

Nick: subject targeted
by KA2011 May 23, 2012
Home of the future alcoholic, southern and communist Virginia business scum bags of America. The persuasion to go to such an all male institution is accredited to the likelihood of success after graduation. However, it is soon to be realized that the prestige and "honor" of connection to such an institution is not to be noticed or accepted outside of the small Virginia town. Females are often transported to the small campus to drink free alcohol under the age of 21 with hopes of a large sexual abuse settlement from their rich fathers of the justice system. However, your social standing, amount of trust fund and likelihood of donating after graduation is a essential element of acceptance. The Greek life is very selective, meaning the acceptance of public hazing and humiliation is important. Often males interact in hazing activities such as "elephant walks" and physical abuse to gain the approval of their elder "brothers" that they will despise after initiation. The annual "Greek Week" is an excuse to drink every night of the week with peers that eventually leads to dodging state troopers and ABC agents that distrust the campus's shotty department of law enforcement. The honor code is a strict element of the academic curriculum meaning professors often leave the classroom during test and quizzes to shake out a few lines with fellow faculty in the break room.
Bill: Lets go to Hampden- Sydney College for Greek Week

John: I'd rather beat my nuts with a rubber hammer.
by KA2011 May 23, 2012

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