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Missouri is home to many rivers, including the large Missouri River. The Missouri Canoe Blow involves a large/overweight naked man (must be 250lbs+) standing or treading in the middle of a river (preferably the Missouri River). Whilst waiting for the recipient of his penis, a different person - usually female - is released into the current of the river (going downstream). The recipient, generally naked as well, makes her way down stream using the front crawl if necessary, heading directly toward the erect penis. The man, upright, is perpendicular to the recipient, and the recipient floats toward the penis, smoothly inserting it into her mouth upon reaching it.

This is a very dangerous, yet highly thrilling move. It should not be performed during thunderstorms or when the temperature is below 60 degrees.
So yesterday my buddy was crazy 'nuff to get the Missouri Canoe Blow in the river!
by K1892 November 21, 2010

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