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The "New" Blacks (African-Americans, Nubians) that are actually of direct mixed race background.(One Caucasian parent), but is brown/dark brown complected. No one knows he/she is a Newbian until they meet other members of their family. This is becoming the "New" generation of Black folks spawned by Whites.
Shemar Moore, actor, is a Newbian. Halle Berry was a Newbian.

"I did not know you were a Newbian! You could 'pass' as the "Traditional" black!"(Both parents are Black).
by K.D.--Not Lang!! March 18, 2005
Morris, the cat, a popular red tabby feline in the 1980's cat food comercials. Any red headed person with red eyelashes, red pubic hair, red eyebrows, all red features is considered to be a Morrish person-- almost unatural, scary, yet fascinating. Damn, red.
David Carruso on CSI Miami is a very Morrish man.
by K.D.--Not Lang!! October 12, 2004
1) To hit and run. Leaving the scene of an accident/
2) To be overly dramatic (Oscar Award Acceptance Speech.)

3)To have 2 or more failed marriages.
1) Jessica went through that intersction and Halle Berry (Berried) that other car.

2) A woman gets all "Halle Berry" when her period is late.

3) Jennifer Lopez is a Halle Berry on marriages.
by K.D.--Not Lang!! March 18, 2005
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