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York is a sweet place to live, because it's south of Wells.
York, maine does have an appallingly bad reputation as one of the most hick-like states. There are towns such as York that are way more than that. We have our share of drug dealing teenagers and tractor riding, John-Deere worshiping farmers, but for the most part, everyone is pretty normal. This is probably because we live 15 minutes away from New Hampshire and spend more time there than here. In fact York Beach has recently been one of the top ten beaches to visit. We have hot surfers in the summer and hot snowboarders in the winter. There's no danger of natural disaster and there are seasons, yes we do have summer for more than two weeks. Our crime rate is low and we get a good education even though our school is a piece of crap. York Rules! Allez le bleu et le blanche!
by K and A October 28, 2005
to handle, in more ways than one
1. if you can't wang yo girls pussy get back!
by K and A May 01, 2003

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