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A female without any sort of status who only enjoys banging famous celebrities.
John: "Did you hear about that chick Rachel Uchitel? Not only did she bang Tiger Woods, but now it's been confirmed that she had sex with David Boreanaz too.

Kevin: "God dang that bitch is such a celebuwhore!"
by K Roq May 06, 2010
A person who rejects the douchy lifestyle of hipsters and hoopsters and instead embraces the beauty of late 70s and early 80s Yacht Rock music.
Mike: "Dude, let's hit up that Kings of Leon and Phoenix concert later. It's gonna be awesome!"

Kevin: "Mike, you are such a hipster douchebag. I'd much rather hear a little "Africa" by Toto and some "Ride Like the Wind" from Christopher Cross. That's how a yachtster like myself rolls!"
by K Roq November 14, 2010

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