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An acronym for the phrase "Do a Fucking Search".
For use when someone is wasting other people's time by asking questions about something that could be answered easily somewhere else (esp. a search engine of some sort).
"Dude, DAFS and stop wasting our time"
"Before you come to this message board asking stupid questions, man, DAFS."
by K Hizzle December 29, 2004
Short for Vicodin. Similar to Hydrocodone.

A medication used for pain-relief that in the United States can only be attained through a prescription.
Vicodin is a great recreational drug and can cause those who encounter it to voluntarily injure people they know and then subsequently take their prescription Vicodin.

Pl. Vics (Pronounced "Vikes")
Hey, give me another Vic or I'll fuck you up.

Dude, I was watching Van Helsing after taking like ten Vics and holy shit that movie was amazing.
by K Hizzle January 02, 2005
The alter/rap-ego of Kamden Butterfield, son of notorious rapper Nemesis. As an inhabitant of Southern California was often seen freesytling with the likes of Gerstner, Shaw, Morris, Delon (who it was thought was sponsored by Rice Crispy Treats), and occassionally the reputed JJ Niggs during his high school years.
Lil Nem also experienced a short-lived high school football career that was was brought to an end so that Lil Nem could focus on his one true love...freestyling.
During the later high school years, Lil Nem switched high schools but occasional sightings of the legend occurred at high school basketball games, during which the opposite side could often be heard yelling out derogatory comments regarding the rapper.
"My name's Lil Nem and I rap battle on the net/I'm pretty good but haven't signed a record deal yet/Fuck lunch I'll go type in a few raps/Fuck DB I just want a couple snaps/Though some people might think my rapping's a joke/Me and Nemesis just wanna get our butts poked.
by K Hizzle February 13, 2005

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