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2 definitions by K Dub Sacs

A really fat ugly girl that one of your friends is dating and you don't want to refer to their girlfriend as a human.
Dude I think Joe is with water buffalo again.
by K Dub Sacs September 18, 2007
homemade device made for smoking that bud. its mainly used when the blunt burns too small to hold. its made from plastic bottles, all you need is a boge,a bottle(plastic) and your blunt. burn two holes in the botte with the boge one to put your blunt in, the other is the carb. put your blunt in hold the carb and milk that bottle and clear it you will be high for hours.
Dude this blunt is tiny as hell, go grab the ziggler.
by K Dub Sacs September 18, 2007