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The unwritten rule that permits anyone to blatantly skip a line of people who have patiently waited to order their food (regardless of the size of the line, or time waited to be served) to run up to a cashier.. Interrupt their conversation with a customer (Mid-sentence if need be), and ask for ketchup or any other type of packaged condiment (e.g mustard, mayonnaise) without getting the slightest bit of an argument from ANY-ONE

everyone respects the rule, otherwise.. Chuck Norris will begin to jump out of happy meals and commit unspeakable crimes.

McDonalds Cashier to customer: would you like some fries with th-

Man exercising his right to enforce the Ketchup Rule: I need ketchup and perhaps other various fast food condiments..

by Jwn Cmaffi December 06, 2008
A condition usually acquired after over-exposure to porn (typically several hours of continuous porn-watching) causes the viewer to see naked bodies performing sexual acts whenever the viewer closes his/her eyes.
Dude 1: Dude, I watched way too many chicks getting it on before going to sleep, I couldn't sleep all night!!

Dude 2: Bad case of Jizzion Vison?

Dude 1: Yeah ='(
by Jwn Cmaffi July 11, 2009
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