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It is a korean slang word which means someone who is eccentric and wacky. It is not a word meant to insult a person, instead it is something which is used to complement him/her.

This is most commonly used to describe Korean celebrities with a strong personality. It may also be used to indicate that a person has a very strong individuality or a unique personality.

This is derived from ordinary people being "3d", so a person which is so quirky and thinks outside the box is considered "4d" or 4-dimensional.
Victoria is so 4D! She acts like a kid and yet she dresses up gorgeous! jjang!

I knew my friend was 4D! She always introduces out-of-this-world topics.

Daebak! His 4dness is starting to rub on me!
by Justox Dizaola November 30, 2010

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