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Over the counter pills (usually caffinated) consumed with the intent of keeping one self awake. Commonly exaggerated to be a very potent substitue for sleep. In reality one tablet is the equivalent to two cups of coffe.
Man, I'm glad I took that no doze before class today. I was so sleepy.
by Justin Bailey September 20, 2003
Sexual intercourse
I finally took Mr Toad's Wild Ride with my girlfriend this past weekend.
by Justin Bailey September 20, 2003
A slut or or whore that does whatever a guy wants them to
Yo dont talk to that boom skeef! She gave Tim head yesterday
by Justin bailey June 22, 2005
The act of participating in the creation of shenanigans.
That was one busted ass nigger, messin up da scene with his shenaniganism!
by Justin Bailey October 06, 2003
The act of being a nigger!
Whoa, look at this city, there's a lot of dirtyniggerism going on here.
by Justin Bailey October 06, 2003

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