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A corporation that keeps track of Album Sales. It likes to tell you what to listen to, like MTV.
Did anybody watch the Billboard awards last night? Shitney Queers got 2 awards! That's why I went out and bought her album ASAP!
by Justin Timberlake July 06, 2003
A flaming homo. This particular breed prefers to be the dick giver rather than the dick receiver. Fanny lancers are stuck up though, and they refuse to give reach-arounds. Also known as butt gunners.
"That fuckin' fanny lancer packs some serious fudge.
by Justin Timberlake June 25, 2003
Gay, boatlike, mongerman, who has no hooks, bate or torial. Loves to surf and eat lobster (while he pees on it)
That kid loves fishing so much, you'd think he was The Bag.
by Justin Timberlake April 22, 2005

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