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1 definition by Justin Pelletier

-A place of Alcoholism, Potheads, E Heads, Shitty Teachers, Bad Lunchs (Maybe not the subs), Sleep, Cutting Class, Constant Hasseling by Authority Figures, and The Most Fights Ever.
A place where you cant go into the bathroom without coming out smelling like a pack of cigarettes./ A place where every girl (If they know of)Mr.Willems sweats him./ A place where there is AT LEAST 1 fight a week./ A place of constant bomb threats and/or riots./ A place where you can walk down the hallways and be asked to buy pot more than once a day./ A place where people walk around with alcohol in there water bottles and drink through out the day./ A place where you can find the hottest chicks./ A place where kids walk down the hallways and smoke cigarettes(Me Class of 03)./ A place where kids cut school and go into the woods and smoke pot./ A place where everyone thought Mr.Korigan took steroids./ A place where you can go to get a good days rest./ Where there was always the ongoing fued between SOB and LHRO./ A place where at least half of the male population at OB wanted to bang Miss Toth./ Mr.Ferry is a dick./ Dr.Bosco and Mr.O'Connell were the best administrators./ In Alt. School you did nothing for 4 hours but smoke cigarettes and talk to your friends./ A place where more than half of your friends had nicknames.
by Justin Pelletier March 03, 2005