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To force exhaled air through semen held in the back of the mouth, with the head tilted back, in order to clear the mouth or throat after performing oral sex on a male.
After she sucked me off, i told her to cumgargle and hum the song "when the saints go marching in" at the same time.
by justin koehler December 23, 2003
When you push out a fart and a little piece of poop rolls down your pant leg followed by a leg shake and a turdball rolling away, not to be confused with sharting which is magical surprise diharrea mistaken for a harmless fart.
Last night i drank so much tequila that when i woke up, i had to fart but ended up playing plinko in front of my parents at the breakfast table, and my dog thought it was a whisker biscuit and ate it.
by Justin Koehler May 11, 2005
When someone is rimming you and you fart on their tongue and/or in their mouth.
It was Kevin's ability to perfectly execute the LaBrea Tar Pits that guarenteed him a spot at the Best Buy tech bench.
by Justin Koehler January 19, 2005
What females do when they are in the bathtub, drinking wine, surrounded by candles.
When she's in the tub drinking her wine, surrounded by candles, she gliggles at even the tiniest funny thing!
by Justin Koehler August 22, 2008
A singular noun meaning semen.
1.) Hey Bridget, you have some hot and salty on your chin, you may want to wipe that off.

2.) Aww man, clean that hot and salty off of your sheets, as I don't want to sit in that!
by Justin Koehler March 27, 2005
an action verb meaning "to vomit"
While I was sitting on my couch, I ate a 3 day-old moldy hot dog and immediately mary-kated all over the coffee table.
by Justin Koehler February 16, 2005
A vulva that is so matted down with hair that it appears alarmingly similar to a brillo pad.
Cilantro drunkenly stumbled into Boo's bedroom and unwittingly fell face first into her face-down-ass-up whisker biscuit and suffocated into a coma that lasted 3 1/2 years. (names changed to protect the innocent)
by Justin Koehler May 11, 2005

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