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A mission in which you have to seek out an individual, beat the shit out of them, interrogate them until they talk, then ditch them in the desert when you're done. Only an expert can pull this off... >.>
Eddie: Someone's following us

Van Halen: Careful, it might be a ditch mission. We better go into hiding. I'll never talk and my car was impounded because I ran over an old lady, so we'd be fucked.
by Justin Hussey April 26, 2008
Babe Ruth's gay brother. When Someone is wearing something nice that looks rediculously gay on them, they look like Gay Bruth.
Guy 1: Dude, check out my new shreds!
Guy 2: Man, you look like Babe Ruth's gay brother; Gay Bruth.
by Justin Hussey April 22, 2008
If you're a musician, music is your life, and you're determined to be in the greatest band EVER! This is the air you breath.
My guitar supplies me with an everlasting supply of bandogen so I can BREATHE!!
by Justin Hussey April 26, 2008
When you practice what type of hop you'll do when you shoot in basket ball.
Jack: What are you doing? You look like an idiot.

Jill: I'm j hopping. It'll help me with muh shot.
by Justin Hussey April 26, 2008
When you get so desperate for a girl you go on Myspace and post one of those chain bulletins to see how many of your chick friends like you, it's called doing a traylotto.
Demon Billy: So how long has it been since you got laid?

Gaot Man: Ages! I think I'm just going to do a traylotto and try to get in the first chick that responds' pants.
by Justin Hussey April 27, 2008
The naive belief that everyone should be "normal" and the same and that if anyone tries to be an individual and stand out they're stupid or weird.
Guy1: Why do you wear your clothes that way? It's so stupid and weird.

Victim: Yeh? Well I try to be an individual and stand out. I'm also a real ass hole to people I don't like so you better watch your back, you fucking commonist! Commonism, psh. Bitch nigga!
by Justin Hussey April 27, 2008
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