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One who lacks vital common sense, commonly resulting in obscure actions.
This term is most commonly confused with "poofanigger", so not for use around negroes.

Noun. Synonymous with "retard".
White guy - "hey man, stop being a poofanooger"

Black guy - "u callin me nigga? ill smoke yo ass foo"

White guy - "no i called u poofanooger"

Black guy - "o... whats that then?
by Justin Cypress August 31, 2007
Self-explanatory. To poof a nigger. A common profession of members of the Ku Klux Klan. A racist term, especially around blacks. Look around before using this word.

Verb. Synonymous with "smoke a crip" or "pop a blood".
Redneck #1 - "hey, lets go poofanigger"

Redneck #2 - "nah, i just did last night, the cops are pissed"

by Justin Cypress August 31, 2007
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