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int - The official Motto of Scotland Yard. Used to question the happenings at a scene. Also a very uppity way of asking "What's going on?"
Phil: Evenin', mates.
John: Evenin', Phil. Blimey! *shoots Phil*
Policeman: Right, what's all this, then?

Snob A: Good evening, old sport.
Snob B: Right, what's all this, then?
by Justin Briggs September 25, 2006
1960's surfer slang. Used much like "crap" or "crud" today to denounce the appearance of something.
"Schya, bro, Johnny's car looks like sand"
"Schya, bro, I heard he got in a race with a real bad sleeper"
by Justin Briggs October 12, 2006

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