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When involved in a gang back(with one or two more men then women), right before the males are about to explode with delight, the gather the girls around, put them into a circle, and then make them get on their knees. Then they all proceed to cum all over the group of girls, aiming for their eyes and mouths. Then the females lick the cum of of all the girls.
" Man, that cum party was pretty nutty last night. Them bitches are crazy!"
by Justin "Bombay" October 04, 2007
A phrase that parallels, "Shit for brains." It has the same content, but might be more suitable for the new generation.
"Man, your hella stupid. You have dicks for legs."
by Justin "Bombay" October 04, 2007
The name derives from the band, but it is when you sucks your girls pussy lips so hard they feel like they are on fire.
"Sorry about your Flaming Lips babe."
by Justin "Bombay" October 04, 2007

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