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Drinking game. Requires four to infinity number of players. Put a bunch of cups with beer in the center of the table with one death cup (full beer) and have the other beers filled like 1.5 inches with beer. Cups are given to two people standing on opposite sides of the table and each get a ping pong ball. You give a ceremonial barto touch (touch balls together) and the game begins. All you do is try and bounce the ball into your cup. Once you do that you pass it to your right (both ball and cup). If you make it on the first shot you can pass the ball and cup to whoever you want. When you make your cup and the person to the right of you is still shooting, as long the ball hasn't entered the cup, you can smack the cup off the table, then you pass your cup and ball to the right of the person two to your right and the person just to your right grabs a beer from the center of the table, drinks it, then has to bounce his ball into the cup and the game continues. It gets interesting because if you smack the guys cup to your right, and the guy to his right hits his cup on his first shot, he can pass it back to you and you can try and make the guy to your right drink again. Term known as sandwiching. You can also make your first shot and give the ball and cup to a person to the right of someone shooting and screw them. But make the smacking of the cups interesting like flip them up and spike them like a volleyball. And fuckin scream. Barto fouls: if you accidentally bounce your ball into a cup in the center of the table because your an idiot, you have to smack your own cup and drink that beer. And if you smack the cup to your right when the ball has entered the cup, also because your an idiot, you have to drink a beer from the center. Oh yeah, and one more thing. The term barto mercy, it just doesn't exist.
It's barto ball. Get the fever.
by Just a simpleton July 02, 2009

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