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when you are in a public bathroom stall and someone is in the stall next to you and you both have to pee, but you are both afraid of the judgement you might receive if you start first.
Girl: hey, i'm in the bathroom, i'm gonna be late for class but i'm having a pee showdown with the girl next to me
by just trying to educate america March 08, 2012
A similar idea to a Peurto Rican Shower, originally coined on the show Happy Endings, s2e16. A Whore's Bath is when you, instead of showering, rub dryer sheets on your armpits and splash water on your genitals in a lame attempt at keeping some sort of society-accepted level of hygiene and cleanliness. This usually occurs after a one night stand.
Person 1: Hey, you look pretty disgusting.
Person 2: Yeah, I know, I hooked up with some sketchy guy last night and took a Whore's Bath in the bathroom.
by Just Trying to Educate America April 08, 2012

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