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10 definitions by Just Me

Apple Manager
I can't believe that Assmuncher got promoted!
by Just Me August 24, 2003
"You're such a pikey"
Someone who likes picking things off the floor is just a skank and an insult to a traveller
by Just me January 29, 2004
MANILA: The most dirtiest and polluted city and capital known to man. Gas{car exhaust} is everywhere, abandoned children with dirty faces somewhat "attack" your car while riding around. Pickpockets and 1 peso whores are common. Muslim extremists are also everywhere ready to kidnap you at any given moment. Also, "Manila" is a place somewhere in the world where the political bigshots are. Thats the REAL definition of "Manila".
I lost my wallet in this place called Manila
by Just Me February 09, 2005