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1. The most amazing human being ever to live.

2. To be so Bosnian as to cough up blood.

3. To assassinate Archduke Ferdinand.
I just Gavrilo Principped that guy over there.
by Jun-Jun the Spoon December 01, 2006
Getting up in the morning, but tripping on your dirty underwear before leaving the room.
I had a nasty tripthong this morning.
by Jun-Jun the Spoon November 27, 2006
A poptart that is baked in a woman's vagina.
Person 1: This poptart tastes awful. Where did you get it?

Person 2: Didn't you know?! I bake poptarts in my vagina.

Person 1: Does that make what I'm eating a twat-tart...?
by Jun-Jun the Spoon February 28, 2007
The chatspeak way to spell "fish".
OMGZZZ WERES DA FUSH??!?!?!?111one
by Jun-Jun the Spoon May 29, 2007
1) A male replacement.

2) A name given to someone with the I.Q. of a pancake.
1) Greg, I don't need you. I have my dildo!

2) Dave, you're being such a dildo.
by Jun-Jun the Spoon January 30, 2007
When a male takes a female's underwear, dips it in melted chocolate and/or strawberry syrup and eats it.
Dipthongs are disgusting.
by Jun-Jun the Spoon December 01, 2006

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